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We are now on Facebook thanks to Nikki - click here to visit our page and see some more photos of the Rainbow residents!


21/09/2016: Companion needed for lonely goat

A British Guernsey nanny is in need of a companion in the Penzance area.

03/06/2016: Two goats for re-homing

Two lovely billies (near Exeter) need a new home. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


10/05/2016: Goat for re-homing

Poppy needs a new home - Forest of Dean area. Can you help? See our goat re-homing page for more details.

03/05/2016: Bogus caller alert!!!

**UPDATE** The bogus caller was apprehended by Avon and Somerset police on 4th May

Earlier today a man called at a house in the Somerton area of Somerset posing as a bona fide representative of Rainbow Valley Sanctuary. He was asking for donations and carried a tray of badges depicting ponies and goats.

The man was tall with dark hair and facial stubble. He was wearing dark clothes, a dark beanie hat and dark framed glasses. He was also wearing an ID badge bearing his photo and a hand-written ID number.

The police have been informed, but we would like to state publicly that we NEVER undertake door-to-door collections, nor do we solicit agencies to do so on our behalf. If anyone experiences a similar incident please inform Linny as soon as possible either by email at info@rainbowvalleysanctuary.org.uk or on 01626 203938.

09/04/2016: Several goats in need of a new home

Nine goats in the Dorchester area are in urgent need of a new home. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

14/02/2016: Goat needing a new home

Primrose desperately needs a loving new home - can you help? See our goat re-homing page for more details.


03/02/2016: Goats for re-homing

Two friendly boys, Nog and Nogbad, need a new home. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


30/06/2015: Companion goat wanted

A companion goat - possibly two - is sought in the Okehampton area. See 'homes offered' on our goat re-homing page for more details.

16/06/2015: Bye bye Billy Thicket

It's with great sadness that we've had to say goodbye Billy Thicket, the last of the original Rainbow residents. Billy was the gentlest, sweetest boy and an absolute pleasure to be around. He'd developed arthritis in his front legs and was having difficultly walking, but was able to enjoy some spring sunshine and graze on sweet new hazel one last time. Each and every animal is missed when they leave us, but Billy will be missed that little bit more because he was such a special soul.

Night night Billy T - be sure to send our love to all our departed friends waiting for you at the Bridge. Love from all of us, but especially Linny xxx

14/06/2015: Pygmy goat for re-homing

Flannel the boisterous Pygmy goat is in urgent need of a new home. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


04/06/2015: Three goats for re-homing

Three goats are available for re-homing in the Looe area, Cornwall. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


20/05/2015: A happy ending.....can you offer a goat a home?

The lonely Nanny goat in Taunton has found a new friend (see 14/04/2015) which is great news! Our goat re-homing page lists homes offered as well as homes wanted, so do let us know if you are looking for a goat and are able to offer a home.

14/05/2015: Pygmy goats for re-homing in Hampshire

Can you give a home to Olaf and Sven? See our goat re-homing page for more details.


12/05/2015: Yet more goats for re-homing!!

A loving new home is needed for Lola and King Julian. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

11/05/2015: Update on Merry (now Spike!)

Merry - now known as Spike - was rescued from the Tavistock sales as a very young foal. He'd been separated from his mother who was sold for meat - luckily Linny managed to outbid the meat man for him, or he'd have faced the same fate. Sue and Barrie Wood gave him a wonderful home in Shaldon, where he's loose schooled and apparently has a huge jump for such a little chap!

We're very proud that Spike has grown up to be such a smashing pony, and send our heartfelt thanks to Sue and Barrie for giving him such a loving home. Also rescued at the same were Gordon and Alice, both of whom are available for re-homing for anyone with time, space, and a big heart!

10/05/2015: More goats for re-homing!

Romeo and Juliette new home! See our goat re-homing page for more details.


30/04/2015: Goats for re-homing

A new home is needed for two Nubian goats in the Falmouth area. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

26/04/2015: Noah does us proud!

Well done to Issy and Noah, the partially sighted pony re-homed in 2007 (see update 06/11/2014), who recently took part in the Wye Ride, a 10 mile cross country ride including jumps! It was a great day and Noah really excelled himself, as you can see from the photos below.

22/04/2015: West Nile virus

West Nile virus is nasty disease which is spread by mosquitos and can be fatal to horses. Facts about the virus can be found on this website: http://www.pegasushealth.com/blog/west-nile-virus/

14/04/2015: Home offered for Billy goat

A castrated Billy is wanted to keep a lonely Nanny company - can you help? See our goat re-homing page for more details.


12/04/2015: Pygmy goat for re-homing

Jo the Pygmy goat (male) is all alone since his companion died, and is seeking a new home. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


27/03/2015: Goats for re-homing

A new home is urgently needed for two male Pygmy goats . See our goat re-homing page for more details.


12/02/2015: Goats for re-homing

Two young goats in south Devon are looking for a home. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


06/11/2014: Goats for re-homing

Several goats are looking for a home in Devon. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

06/11/2014: Update on Angus and Noah

Remember Angus and Noah, the two foals rescued from the 2005 drift sales? They lived at Rainbow until 2007 when they were re-homed to a wonderful family in Kent where they've been living happily ever since. Jenny, Tristan, Issy and Joe came to visit us last weekend, and told us all about how well Angus and Noah are both doing. Here's a picture of what they looked like before they left - click here to see how they've changed and to find out more about the lovely lives they're leading!

16/07/2014: Goats for re-homing - Okehampton area

Two maiden milkers are in urgent need of a new home. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

**UPDATE 25/07/2014: unfortunately one of these goats has died suddenly, so a home is needed for the remaining goat URGENTLY**

21/05/2014: More goats for re-homing!

Can you offer a forever home to Juniper (left) and Sunshine (right) , or a feisty little Pygmy? See our goat re-homing page for more details.

**UPDATE 14/09/2014: Juniper and Sunshine are now re-homed**

18/05/2014: Goats for re-homing

Two Saanen X Golden Guernseys are in need of a new home - West Devon area. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


12/03/2014: Pony needing a home **URGENT**

Rex is a 10 hand, black Shetland gelding in urgent need of a companion home. He has never suffered with laminitis, but is a timid pony so will need a quiet home. If you can offer Rex a kind home as a companion please contact Linny on 01626 203938.

11/01/2014: New Year Appeal

A Happy New Year to all our supporters...if a little damp! The weather has been atrocious and the land at Rainbow is as bad as it's ever been. The rising of a natural spring over the Christmas period caused some flooding in the ponies' barn and a few more leaks have appeared in the roof - but thankfully all of our structures are still standing. Roll on spring!

Whatever the weather, it's always a struggle to keep on top of things financially and the lean times in which we currently find ourselves bring extra challenges. The price of feed has tripled in the past 18 months, and the animals need regular attention from the farrier / vet. Although we have no paid staff and very few volunteers the animals are cared for 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and are never without food, water, shelter and little bit of TLC.

Times are hard for everybody, we know, but we'd like to make an appeal for some additional support for the animals. We really do run on love-and-a-shoestring here at Rainbow, so any contributions - however small - are extremely welcome and every penny goes towards the care of the animals.

So, if anyone would like to sponsor one of our animals (we can 'hand match' you to a goat or pony!) or offer a donation, please do get in touch either by email or by phone to Linny on 01626 203938. Not wishing to sound like a supermarket advert, but everything really does make a difference!

01/12/2013: Christmas coffee morning

A huge **THANK YOU** to Nikki and Mandy for organising yet another very successful coffee morning which raised 476. This will be a big help towards keeping the Rainbow Valley residents warm and fed this winter. Well done to everyone who won one of the many lovely raffle prizes!

26/10/2013: Suspicious deaths of Rainbow ponies

We are very, very sad to report that two of our ponies have been recently found dead. Hettie was found on the morning of Thursday 17th October, and Pippin was found exactly one week later on 24th October. Both had very bloated, gassy stomachs. An empty bag of dried dog food was found close to Hettie, together with a dog lead. While we do not know for certain that the food is linked to their deaths, the situation is being treated by police as suspicious as whatever happened took place during hours of darkness, in a quiet location which is not accessible by vehicles.

We are praying that this does not happen again. If anyone has any information please contact Linny in the first instance (details are at the foot of this page).

RIP Hettie and Pip - two of the least-deserving ponies for this ending.

29/09/2013: Goats for re-homing


These three friendly goats are looking for a new home - currently in Branscombe, East Devon. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

21/09/2013: **UPDATE** Goats for re-homing

The is an update on the goats advertised for re-homing on 13/08/2013. The females and kids have found new homes, but poor Charlie is still available and in urgent need. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

28/08/2013: Goats for re-homing **VERY URGENT**


A new home is desperately needed for two Anglo-Nubian milking nannies. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

13/08/2013: Goats for re-homing **URGENT**

Three goats and two kids are in urgent need of a new home - Gunnislake area, Cornwall. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

16/07/2013: Ponies seeking a home - can you help?

Two ponies are in need of a kind, experienced new home. The first is a 7 year old Dartmoor mare, chestnut, 12hh, long reined and backed but needs bringing on. Her companion is a 3 year old Dartmoor X gelding, bay, 10-10.2hh, and apparently adorable! Both ponies are loving and good in all ways - currently located in Hatherleigh. If you can offer a new home please contact Patty on 07765 153183.

08/07/2013: Home offered for two goats

A lovely home is being offered in the Bath area for two goats. See our goat re-homing page for more details.

02/06/2013: Goats for re-homing, and Amber is still looking for a new home!

Pinky and Perky are looking for a new home together. See our goat re-homing page for more details.


Amber the Welsh-type mare is also still looking for a home - see our earlier bulletin of 26/04/2013. Her current owner has sent us this photo - please contact Bridget on 01884 841727 or email bridgetteporch@btinternet.com for further details.

21/05/2013: Can anyone help Elliot?

Elliott is a 15 year old, 17.2hh German warm blood, and a retired Grand Prix dressage horse. He is described by his current owner as a very loving, gentle giant, and a pleasure to have around. Unfortunately he can no longer be ridden due to lameness caused by navicular disease. He is very easy to handle, and very kind - there is not a bad bone in his body, he loves being brushed and having fuss and cuddles. His current owner took him on when her employer passed away, but circumstances have now sadly changed and she can no longer afford to keep him. Elliot would love to find a loving forever-home as a companion. He will be greatly missed, but has so much life to live and love to give. He has worked very hard over the years as a top competition horse taking his riders and trainers to the top of the dressage discipline, and it would be wonderful if he could find a lovely home where he could retire and have a happy life.

This is a genuine request for help. Elliot is based in Chumleigh, north Devon - for further information please contact Sophie on 07591 016618.

26/04/2013: Can anyone offer a home to Amber?

Amber is a pretty bay Welsh-type mare looking for a new home. She is 12 years old and approximately 13 hands. She has been at her current home since April where she arrived in very poor condition, having been left out with a herd for five years. She is a good companion pony and has apparently been ridden, but is very nervous and her current owner does not have the time to spend with her to fully gain her trust.

If anyone is interested in offering Amber a loving home please contact Bridget on 01884 841727 or email bridgetteporch@btinternet.com

05/03/2013: Petition against cruelty to horses

Click here to sign the petition "Delegation of the European Union to Russia: SLEDGEHAMMER USED ON HORSES " on Change.org.

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A New Supporter to the Sanctuary


We have just been donated some copies of children stories written by Zemo Watts about a goat and a pony to sell to raise money for the sanctuary. If you are interested in a copy please contact me or visit his http://www.goatandpony.com

If you have any questions that are not addressed on this website or need advice please contact Lin East on the number below.

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